The Patented Cypher™ system is unique within the mortgage broker community. It allows us to work with the top financial professionals in providing their clients with mortgage services. We pride ourselves on our long term relationships with CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, Financial Planners, Insurance providers and Real Estate Brokers and other Financial Professionals. Cypher™ allows these professionals to assist in the origination of mortgage loans for their clients and benefits all parties involved.
•The client receives the assurance of working with their trusted financial advisor and receives a competitive interest rate
•The trusted financial advisor knows that their client is being treated honestly and fairly
•The lender gets the best quality loans in the industry

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Cypher™ may be covered under one or more of the following U.S. patents:7315841, 7340435, 7386504, 7620598, 7761372 and 8527402 with other patents pending.